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US Pulls Out of UNESCO

October 2017 Summary Last Thursday, the Trump administration officially announced plans to pull out of UNESCO — the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The United States originally left the organization in protest in 1984, citing a...

Raising the Debt Ceiling

Summary In a meeting with Congressional leaders on Wednesday, September 6, Trump proposed potentially eliminating the national debt ceiling. The conversation began with plans in the House to temporarily raise the debt limit in order to provide financial aid for states...

Trump Moves Towards Decertifying Iran Deal

Plans for Iran Nuclear Deal Summary  The Iran Nuclear Deal, which has been repeatedly maligned by President Trump as an “embarrassment” and “the worst deal ever” may be left in an uncertain position this Sunday, as Trump plans to decertify the agreement. The...

Cuban Diplomats Expelled in Response to Health Incidents

US-Cuba Relations Summary The rebuilding of U.S.-Cuban relations experienced a strange hitch on Tuesday, as the Trump administration expelled 15 Cuban diplomats following an alleged attack on the U.S. embassy in Havana. The nature of the attack remains a mystery, as...

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