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Consequences of the Lack of a Stimulus Package

Consequences of the Lack of a Stimulus Package    Rosalind Gottfried         Economics November 20, 2020 Policy The inability of  Congress to reach an agreement on a second stimulus package has impacted both the rate of disease and the economic recovery in the...

President-Elect Joe Biden’s Immigration Plans

President-Elect Joe Biden’s Immigration Plans November 22, 2020 Policy Overview President Elect, Joe Biden has hefty goals for immigration reform and policies. After election, he seeks to undo much of the Trump Administration’s initiatives and policies he found to be...

Court Rules Against Trump’s Unlawful Shutdown of DACA

November 22, 2020 Policy Summary In June 2020, the Supreme Court barred the Trump Administration from carrying out a plan to shut down DACA (see brief #95). The Obama Administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) allowed nearly 800,000 young people –...

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