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Trump Administration Bans Bump Stocks

Brief #15—Gun Control Policy Summary While the Trump Administration has typically echoed the NRA’s platforms, the acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, signed a regulation on December 18th that banned bump stocks, a device that has the capability to turn...

As Gun Violence Peaks, the 116th Congress Must Act Fast

Brief #14—Gun Control Policy Summary A Saturday turned from a morning of worship and celebration to one of tragedy and grief as a gunman opened fire with an assault rifle and at least three hand guns in the Pittsburg synagogue Tree of Life. Police say this act...

An Unconventional Approach to Gun Control

Brief #13—Gun Control Policy Summary While virtually all focus in the gun control debate revolves around the use, distribution, and availability of guns, California is now taking an unconventional approach to reduce gun violence. Instead of focusing on guns and...

3D Printed Guns Face New Legal Challenges

Brief #11—Gun Control Policy Summary After Cody Wilson settled a lawsuit with the government which allowed him to post blueprints online of how to print 3D guns, other states have retaliated in response. A plethora of states have begun attempting to make these...

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