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Week One Impeachment Trial Summary

The opening arguments in the Senate Trial of Donald J. Trump are in the books. House Managers opened the proceedings and argued for 20 hours over three days that President Trump is a danger to the country who needs to be removed from office. Trump’s legal team...

Trump’s Nostalgia for Old Dishwashers

President Trump has always come off as, to put it nicely, an off-the-cuff speaker. Blurring the lines between improvisational and premeditated, Trump often begins at a talking point and then rambles until coming to rest at an unrelated point, dragging both into an...

Correcting Trump on Wind Power

Last weekend President Trump gave a much-publicized speech to young conservatives in Florida, which included his thoughts on wind energy. In response to his remarks, I wish to target some of his talking points and illustrate how they muddy the waters of discussion...

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