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COVID-19, Corona virus, recession, economic stimulus, recovery The Two Trillion Dollar Economic Relief Plan

Brief #70—Economics
By Rosalind Gottfried
When the partisan bickering resolved, the country was left with a relief package that reflected some of the Democrats’ modifications on an earlier Republican-backed proposal.  The bill, passed on Friday March 27th, includes help for taxpayers, small businesses, industry, student loan payments and a few other contingencies.  Basically, single taxpayers making up to $75K will get a one-time payment of $1200 while married couples will get relief if they earn less than $150K.

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Nevada First State To Make Voting By Mail Mandatory For Upcoming 2020 Primary

Brief #117—Civil Rights
By Rod Maggay
Due to the dangers of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the U.S. federal government, a number of U.S. states and numerous local governments encouraged a variety of preventative social measures to try and contain the virus. Shelter in place and stay at home orders, the closing of non – essential businesses and suggested social distancing techniques eventually led to an estimated 150 million Americans – out of an estimated 325 million total population – unwillingly confined in their homes.

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Coronavirus Hits Higher Education

Brief #40—Education
By Ivan A Moore
As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, universities have experienced unprecedented disruptions. Over the past few weeks, they’ve emptied classrooms and dorms, with most opting to finish the semester online. A few have cancelled courses altogether. Though extreme, these measures will protect students and staff from the rapid spread that would occur via stadium-like lecture halls, busy cafeterias, and crowded dorms. It was the only safe option, but the fallout will reverberate through America’s higher education system for years to come.

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Atlantic Coast Pipeline Controversy awaits Adjudication

Brief #—79
By Shannon Q Elliot
In 2017, The U.S. Federal Regulatory Committee gave the final approval for construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP). A project spearheaded by corporate giants, Dominion and Duke Energy Companies, the pipeline is intended to serve as a vessel for natural gas to reach consumers throughout Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. The approval process included reviewing permits issued by The US National Forest Service (USFS), The National Park Service (NPS) and several other federal agencies.

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Vote-by-Mail: An Opportunity for Truly Democratic Elections in the Era of Covid-19

Brief #12—Technology
By Charles A Rubin
With election day less than eight months away and primary races in many states already delayed or pushed further out on the calendar, concern is mounting about how an election can be conducted under the current or even more draconian restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Senators Amy Klobucher (D-Minnesota) and Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) have introduced the Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act of 2020 which provides funding and guidance for states, counties and localities to quickly move to vote-by-mail elections. The legislation also strongly discourages on-line balloting efforts which it deems insecure.

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UPDATE : Coronavirus

Brief #71—Health
By Taylor J Smith
This fourteen-day period has been dubbed the most critical point of this pandemic, where if the Americans efficiently limit the spread of the coronavirus, an anticipated crash of the healthcare system can be avoided. The commonly heard “flattening of the curve” refers to the wave of cases, where the high wave is a surge in cases.

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The Pluses and Minuses of Government’s Recent Response

Brief #1—The Coronavirus Government Watch Post
By Sean Gray
The Coronavirus Government Watch Post is a new US RESIST NEWS blog post written by Sean Gray. The Post provides information and analysis of the federal government’s response to the coronavirus. Wherever possible we seek to be supportive as the coronavirus threatens the health and economic welfare of our nation, and we need government leadership to deal with the virus crisis. However, we also will offer constructive criticism, as merited, of our government’s efforts.

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