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How Best to Protest

Op Ed
By Linda F. Hersey
Across the U.S., in cities large and small, protesting increasingly is a popular way for ordinary Americans, especially young adults, to make their concerns and causes known. The First Amendment grants Americans free speech and the right to protest.

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A USRESIST NEWS EDITORIAL                                               WE ALL MUST VOTE THIS TIME A) INTRODUCTION The 2020 Presidential election is the most important election of our lifetimes. At stake is the future of our rule of law and our democratic system of...

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January 8, 2021


On Wednesday of this week a mob of Trump supporters invaded the US Capitol wearing MAGA hats and waving Confederate flags. They desecrated the Senate chambers, took over offices of members of Congress, including Speaker Pelosi, broke windows, smashed furnishings, and overran the Capitol police. Their actions were inspired by conspiracy-driven words of President Trump, on Twitter for the past several months and at a kickoff rally on the Washington Mall.  Trump has been falsely insisting that the 2020 Presidential election had been stolen from him and urging his supporters to “stop the steal.”

Commentators have called this an “attempted coup, “an “insurrection “and a “dark day in American history”, all of which are true; but the question before us now is what are we going to do about it? We cannot let this attack on our democracy continue. We do not want to go through 4 years of Trump rallying his followers to take similar seditious actions and delegitimize our electoral process. We cannot let the country fall apart because of the ego and misguided psychological makeup of a man who cannot admit that he lost an election.

USRESIST NEWS recommends that the following actions be taken:

  1. A High-Level Bi-Partisan Commission should be established to make recommendations for ensuring the integrity of our electoral system going forward, and considering the possibility of getting rid of the electoral college..
  2. The FBI should undertake an investigation into the January 7th protests with the ability to prosecute wrong doers.
  3. The effort to track and prosecute home-grown white nationalist terrorism should be given highest priority.
  4. Any effort by President Trump to pardon himself should be legally challenged by the new Attorney General.
  5. State level efforts to prosecute President Trump for his attempt to change the vote-tally in Georgia should be implemented.
  6. Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites should take down any tweets or posts from President Trump, Rudy Giuliani and others that claim the election was stolen. (Notably Facebook has recently banned Trump from posting on their platform.)
  7. Efforts by New York State and other local authorities to prosecute crimes committed by President Trump should be accelerated.
  8. Congress should consider impeaching President Trump and barring him from future office-holding because of his role in instigating the January 6th break in.
  9. Republican lawmakers should review the leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC) to ensure that Mr. Trump has no role with the RNC once he leaves office. This will help to ensure that his rhetoric and ideals become separate from future Republican policies. The RNC can still be the RNC but with less “Trumpism” in the policies they stand for.

We realize there are risks involved in taking these actions; that they may further polarize our political environment and make Trump appear as a martyr to his followers.. But to do nothing at this point would be a greater risk. We would be turning our back on injustice, and the criminal and seditious acts committed by President Trump and his followers over the past 4 years and allowing them to continue.

The Stars Aligned to Enable a Biden Presidency

An extraordinary set of events, circumstances and people came together at the right time to enable Joe Biden to become the 46th President of the United States. This Editorial is a shout-out to those who made Biden’s election possible, including.

Joe Biden himself, a dark horse candidate who towards  the end-of-the-race came from near last place, got a great endorsement, and with the wind at his back went on to capture the Democratic Party’s nomination. Biden succeeded in identifying himself  more with basic character issues ( empathy, honesty, integrity ) than with specific policy ideas and that enabled him to appeal to a broad group of voters from both parties.

Jim Clyburn, Congressmen from South Carolina, whose last minute endorsement  enabled Biden to capture the South Carolina primary, and gain momentum first  from African American voters, and then  from others, that carried him to victory in  almost all of the remaining Democratic primary contests.

The Other Democratic presidential candidates ( Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren) who put their differences aside and endorsed the Biden candidacy once it was become clear that Biden had enough delegates to win the nomination. The other candidates recognized that defeating Trump was the paramount election issue, and that required a unified party.

Christopher Krebs, the former Director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Project (CSIS)  in the Department of Homeland Security, who worked tirelessly to help states set up voting systems that could not readily be hacked and  withstand rigorous recounts.

Stacey Abrams (Georgia) , Cindy McCain (Arizona), Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan) and other swing-state leaders who endorsed Biden’s candidacy and worked tirelessly to get out the vote in their states.

Trump himself who refused to lead the country, and ran a terrible campaign focused on voter suppression, conspiracy theories, lies about himself and fear mongering about lawlessness in US cities that didn’t exist.

There also were important political and socio-economic factors that helped Biden win, including  huge voter turnout, the highest in 120 years; the worsening pandemic and the economic downturn that many voters saw caused by  Trump administration mismanagement.

It is not easy to vote a sitting President out-of-office. Lots of events need to happen at the right time, and the right people need to do the right things. Although we at USRESIST NEWS are not in the astrology business we wouldn’t be surprised to see an astrological chart of how the political stars aligned over our country on November 4th to enable a Biden Presidency. Thank God.

How Best to Protest

Across the U.S., in cities large and small, protesting increasingly is a popular way for ordinary Americans, especially young adults, to make their concerns and causes known.  The First Amendment  grants Americans free speech and the right to protest.

Motivating many young adults in the U.S. and Europe to organize rallies, demonstrations and marches has been administration and policies of President Donald Trump. The uptick in civil rights protests began in 2016, with Trump’s campaign for president. They have yet to stop – and address an increasing variety of issues and campaigns, most notably the “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor,” Desmond Tutu, the South African human rights activist, famously said.

Understanding your rights and how to stay safe is essential. Here are five tips on how to make the most out of a protest — and protect yourself and your friends.

  • Go prepared: Bring water to drink and to wash off your skin or eyes, in the event police are called and tear gas or pepper spray is used. Bring snacks. Check the weather forecast. The protest may go on for hours. Make signs with simple messages. Plan your exit if you need to leave the protest quickly, if activities become violent.
  • Safety comes first: Wear protective goggles over your eyes. Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to move in. Attend with a group of friends and/or colleagues you trust. Know your surroundings. If you are pepper sprayed, stay calm. Change your clothes. Don’t touch your face and other areas exposed. A baking soda solution mixed with water is best for removing it. When things get dangerous, the best advice is to leave and to protect yourself.
  • Understand your rights: If you are injured, for example, you have the right to obtain medical assistance without delay. You have the right to attend a peaceful assembly and the right to be told the reason if you are arrested. Be sure to carry ID.
  • Interacting with police: The police are there for everyone’s protection and to maintain order. That said, if a police officer becomes threatening or violent, get his or her badge number. Keep your hands where officers can see them. Try to film or record the encounter, or ask someone else to do it. If you’re arrested, ask to see a lawyer and stay silent until you have legal help, according to the ACLU. Follow instructions given to you. If you witness an arrest, do not try to intervene but you can try to record the event.
  • After the protest: Follow up. Learn about other ways to engage to make sure the campaign or advocacy does not end with the protest.



  • ACLU discusses the right under federal law to assemble and protest.


  • Wikipedia gives a thorough explanation of the right to protest.


  • com offers a state-by-state look at protest laws.



A USRESIST NEWS EDITORIAL                                             



The 2020 Presidential election is the most important election of our lifetimes. At stake is the future of our rule of law and our democratic system of government. For the past four years President Trump and the Republican party have been tearing down the basic political, legal and moral principles that our country stands for; such as respect for our legal process, the separation of political powers and the rights of citizens as enshrined in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. They have polarized the country leaving us divided, angry, and fearful of one another. This has got to stop; and the best  way of stopping it is by voting Trump out of office.

Most polls show that the democrats have a considerable electoral lead right now. But that lead could evaporate if people do not turn out to vote. Everyone needs to play their part in making sure that voting is maximized, that efforts to subvert the voting process are stopped and that the electoral process is fair and transparent.



The most important spoke in the wheel. All citizens must do what they need to do to cast a ballot. So we advise

  • If you live in a state where universal ballots are part of state policy, cast a mail-in or absentee ballot. For a list of states that have authorized mail-in ballots for all citizens see https://www.usa.gov/election-office
  • If you live in a state where mail-in ballots are an option cast a mail-in or absentee ballot, especially if you are an elderly person, have underlying health conditions, or can’t get to the polls.
  • If you are physically able to vote in-person, exercise that option but please be sure to wear a mask and protect the health and well-being of yourself and others when you vote
  • Register to vote as early as possible, preferably in the coming days. By registering now will ensure that you will be eligible to vote regardless of which method you choose to use – in – person, absentee or mail.

States, Cities, and Towns
In the absence of Federal guidance and electoral support states, cities, and towns must undertake the government regulatory functions needed to ensure a fair and transparent election. They need to

  • Make mail-in/absentee ballots available
  • If need be setup alternative mail-in/absentee ballot delivery systems that bypass

 US Postal Service obstructions

Make enough polling stations available; with extended hours if needed

Make sure polling stations are operated in a sanitized environment with volunteers who are   not highly at-risk for Covid

Make sure ballots get counted expeditiously, ideally with results announced the same day or as soon after the election as possible

Keep the public informed of vote tallying process and announce the results as soon as they are known

The Federal Government

The Federal Government should be at the forefront of a national effort to make voting easily accessible to all citizens, ensure all votes are counted, and protect our electoral system from unwarranted foreign or domestic intrusions. It’s not doing this. However normally here is what should happen:

The President should stress the importance of voting and encourage all Americans to vote by mail or in-person

  • Congress should pass the Voting Rights Act and provide funding to states to ensure that all citizens have the ability to vote and that all votes are counted in a timely manner
  • The Post Office must prioritize the handling and processing of mail-in and absentee ballots
  • The Intelligence Community should take actions necessary to stop election interference by foreign or domestic agents

C) Voting Rights Organizations and Activists

Because the Federal government is abnegating its electoral responsibilities, and there are ongoing efforts to suppress voting and interfere in our electoral system, activists and voting rights organizations need to step in to help fill the gap. They need to take steps needed to:

Stop the postal service from obstructing the election

Arrange to have enough polling places open and staffed to accommodate in-person voters

Arrange to have enough people on hand to tabulate all in-person, mail-in, and absentee ballots as expeditiously as possible

Conduct get-out-the-vote and voter registration campaigns

Serve as voter watchdogs and call out any efforts to suppress voting

D) Resistance Resource Organizations

 Here is a partial list of the many voting rights organizations working to ensure a fair and transparent 2020 Federal election.

  • American Civil Liberties Union Voting Rights Project: Works to protect the gains in political participation won by racial and language minorities since passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act (VRA). https://www.aclu.org/other/about-voting-rights-project
  • Common Cause: Works to make the process of voting more democratic from all angles — they’re fighting to expand voting rights, eliminate gerrymandering, and push for popular vote presidential elections (see you later, Electoral College!) www.comoncause.org
  • Fair Fight: Brings awareness to the public on election reform, advocates for election reform at all levels, and engages in other voter education programs and communications. www.fairfight.com
  • Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law: Works to advance and protect the right to vote and to ensure that the right is afforded equally to all.  www.Lawyerscommitteee.org
  • League of Women Voters: Encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. www.lwv.org
  • National Conference of State Legislatures:  Publishes a state-by-state list of voter identification laws: www.ncsl.org
  • National Vote At Home Institute:  works with election officials in optimizing their processes and governing laws for both mail ballot and in-person voting methods. https://voteathome.org/
  • Rock the Vote: Dedicated itself to building the political power of young people. www.rockthevote.org
  • USA.Gov: Offers a guide to the voting requirements in each state. https://www.usa.gov/election-office
  • Vote.org: Vote.org uses technology to simplify political engagement, increase voter turnout, and strengthen democracy. They provide information on voting requirements of every state. www.vote.org
  • Vote Vets: Uses public issue campaigns to give a voice to veterans on matters of national security, veterans care and everyday issues that affect veterans and their families. www.votevets.org

Recommended Democratic Party Platform Goals

USRESIST NEWS  proposes the following set of public policy goals to guide the Democratic Party’s  2020 presidential campaign platform.  We support all progressive policy proposals but would like to emphasize the policy goals below as ones we think need to be prioritized. They reflect the suggestions of our talented team of reporters, journalists, and bloggers.

The Most Important Goal

The most important goal in the upcoming presidential election is to win.  We need to win the presidency, maintain control of the house, and flip the senate. To do this we need all Democrats everywhere and anywhere to vote (in-person or by mail) for Joe Biden and his Vice-Presidential running mate.

  • Civil Rights: Voter suppression in all of its forms (limiting access to the ballot box, legislative obstacles such as shorter registration deadlines, voter purges, etc.) should be deemed unconstitutional. Civil rights and equality efforts should be promoted, especially those aimed at promoting racial justice and ending discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. The Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ efforts that have been at the forefront of these issues  deserve enhanced and continued support.
  •  Ethics Reform :Mandate that the president, his appointees and members of Congress, disclose their previous 10 years of tax returns. Require a divestiture of all holdings which may represent a conflict of interest as defined by the Office of Government Ethics. Bar any outgoing president, appointee or member of Congress, from working for those who’ve lobbied them for a period of ten years.
  • The Economy: Implement a comprehensive adequate safety net to address the economic needs of those at risk.  Right now, services to low-income populations are dispersed and levels of support inadequate.  We should have universal health care that is not related to employment, subsidized daycare, paid sick, parental, and family leave with job security, and a minimum basic income so that rent and food are not in question. Transition America’s economic dependence upon what is now a global industrial carbon-based supply chain to a more self-reliant locally sourced economy; while also recognizing that the United States is part of a worldwide interdependent economic order. Well-designed free trade agreements among nations, that respect labor rights, human, rights, and environmental standards, are often in America’s best interest.
  • Education: Forgive the debt of those who cannot afford to repay students loans, and ease repayment terms on all loans. Make tuition at all community colleges free, and provide reduced tuition at public colleges and universities for anyone with moderate incomes.  Restore higher education affirmative action programs. Increase public school teacher salaries and  make sure that schools in low income communities have the resources to provide quality education to their students.
  • Environment: Triple our country’s investment in renewable energy. Make the US the world’s leader in clean energy research, investment, commercialization, manufacturing, and exports by 2030. Mandate that all new and renegotiated electricity generation contracts have to be based on 100% low-carbon electricity starting in 2021.  Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Ethics Reform: Mandate the president, his appointees and members of Congress disclose their previous 10 years of tax returns. Require a divestiture of all holdings which may represent a conflict of interest as defined by the Office of Government Ethics. Bar any outgoing president, appointee or member of Congress from working for those who’ve lobbied them for a period of ten years.
  • Foreign Policy: Rejoin and strengthen our alliances in Europe and Asia. Reset our relationships with Russia and China. Emphasize multilateral collaboration in solving global problems such as climate change. Strengthen the effectiveness of international organizations, such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and the International Criminal Court. Increase our foreign assistance program for developing countries.
  • Gun Control: Pass  major gun control legislation that includes mandatory background checks; the banning of assault weapons of all kinds; raising the age to buy guns; and promoting the use of red flag laws.
  • Health Policy: Secure proper funding for the American healthcare system to provide hospitals with the equipment needed to support patients and staff during COVID-19 treatments. Fully contain COVID-19 in all 50 states and rebuild our public health system so the US is better prepared for future pandemics. Make sure that pharmaceutical companies are held accountable for their role in the opioid crisis and ensure that addiction treatment is prioritized. A strong commitment to reproductive rights is imperative after the recent attacks on the rights of womxn). And an inclusive health insurance option must be made available for every person in America, at no cost for those who can’t afford it.
  • Immigration: Reassert America’s commitment to asylum-seekers and refugees.  Encourage foreign entrepreneurs, innovators, scholars, medical professionals, and creative thinkers to come to the United States. American policymakers should make a point to address the value and skills that immigrants bring to our country. Tear down the Trump border wall, and provide citizenship to all Dreamers.
  • Police Reform: Prohibit the use of chokeholds. Pursue criminal and civil penalties for police misconduct and ban no-knock warrants in drug-related cases. Create a national registry to track police misconduct, and establish standards for police conduct and certification. Delegate non-criminal police responsibilities to health care workers, social workers, and others. Promote local adoption of existing campaigns such as #8CantWait, Campaign Zero, #8toAbolition, and President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. Towns and cities can decide which of these make the most sense for their municipalities based on their histories and current practices.
  • Technology: Strengthen Federal regulation over the posting of hate speech and false advertising on social media platforms. Strengthen the  protection of individual privacy rights from the  intrusion of technology platforms. Support  broadband access for all Americans. Encourage greater government, business, not-for-profit and educational collaboration to increase internet security and guarantee individual freedoms.

Echoes of a Massacre: White Supremacy Rears its Head in Wilmington

By Laura Plummer

July 17, 2020

“People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.” – James Baldwin

On June 4, a sergeant with the Wilmington Police Department in Wilmington, NC, was conducting a routine audit of patrol cameras when she came across on-duty policemen using shockingly racist language while they believed the camera was off. Corporal Jesse Moore and Officers James Gilmore and Kevin Piner referred to black people as “negroes” and n——s, disparaged blacks in positions of power, talked about purchasing assault rifles so they could “go out and start slaughtering”, and said they were “ready” for a “civil war” to “wipe ‘em off the map.”

The sergeant quickly moved the tape up the chain of command and, on June 23, the trio was fired. In a statement, Chief Donny Williams called their comments “brutally offensive” but urged the public to not “judge our officers based on the conduct of a few.”

The “bad apple defense” is a common refrain when individual authority figures are exposed for wrongdoings. We are told that these cops do not represent the majority of law enforcement. The fact that the sergeant turned over the tapes immediately and that the men involved were summarily terminated does bode well for the WPD’s anti-racist internal culture, especially as the tapes had not leaked to the press and so could not become the target of public outrage. In addition, Chief Williams created an action plan both to hold the officers accountable and to prevent similar incidents from recurring.

But what is particularly noteworthy about this incident is the actual language used, language that is not only racist, but genocidal. The mention of a race war is common rhetoric used by radical white supremacist groups. This violent fantasy and the casual way in which the officers discussed it recall a period in the city’s history that is less about bad apples and more about a rotten tree.

Or in this case, a forest.

If you’ve never heard of the Wilmington Massacre of 1898, you’re not alone. It’s not a staple of school history curricula, despite the powerful impact it had on the spread of white supremacy throughout the south. This is due in part to the fact that, up until recently, the event was portrayed as a race riot incited by blacks. It’s now well documented that it was a calculated white supremacist c’oup d’état.

In 1898, Wilmington was the largest city in the state with about 25,000 residents, 56 percent of them black. Its black and white coalition government was neither Republican nor Democrat, but Fusionist. Blacks held public office, owned businesses, published a newspaper, worked as skilled craftsmen and even served in law enforcement.

This enraged Democrats (the parties were the opposite of what they are today), who had governed North Carolina since Reconstruction and who didn’t want to see former slaves and their offspring in positions of power. They began planning how they could overthrow the biracial government in Wilmington and deprive blacks of their rights to vote and to hold office.

They initiated a news campaign of racist propaganda painting blacks as incompetent and a sexual threat to white women. The campaign was meant to appeal to poor and working-class whites in North Carolina, to turn them against their black neighbors. White southerners were all too eager to have a scapegoat for their near-total dispossession following the Civil War. The Democrats won back the state legislature from the Republicans in November. However, Wilmington had elected a white Republican mayor and a black alderman.

Two days later, two thousand members of the Red Shirts, a paramilitary branch of the Democratic Party, descended on the city. Armed with machine guns, they burned down the public records office and the black newspaper, forced office holders to resign and shot dead at least 60 black men. Many more were wounded and thousands of black families fled. White sympathizers were banished.

Despite calls for Washington to intervene and seek justice, President McKinley turned a blind eye. White newspapers across the country adopted the narrative that the riot had been incited by blacks, and this version was codified in the collective consciousness. Almost overnight, Wilmington went from a majority black egalitarian southern city to a white stronghold that would endure for decades. Blacks in Wilmington were literally “wiped off the map.”

Over 120 years and a two-term black president later, three white uniformed officers were caught on video espousing many of the same sentiments as Carolinian Democrats did at the turn of the 20th century. While the very public killings of black citizens by police have mobilized a nation, even more insidious are the conversations that go on behind closed doors among those in positions of authority when (they think) the cameras aren’t rolling.

Learn More:

  • Wilmington’s Lie: The Murderous Coup of 1898 and the Rise of White Supremacy, David Zucchino
  • Personal Interview, Andrew Thornebrooke, Author of The Rearguard, July 09, 2020

Don’t Politicize A Pandemic

By Ron Israel, Managing Editor, USRESIST NEWS 

America sadly has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world. Other countries that used to have high case-loads and mortality rates ( e.g. Italy, Spain, China, South Korea ) have found ways to contain the virus and keep their outbreaks under control. Why has the United States been unable to follow suit?  It is because of the politicization of the pandemic.

President Trump and his administration have consistently used the virus as a means to exacerbate America’s political divisions and stoke their voter-base. They have  ignored the public health emergency that the virus presents, downplayed  the seriousness of the virus and refused to listen to the scientific  guidance of their own   scientists. That guidance emphasizes  the wearing of masks, social distancing, staying at home when needed.  hand-washing, avoiding crowds, lots of testing and contact tracing and related public health measures.

The Trump administration has refused  to lead at the national level and  instead has  allowed states to do their own thing in response to the virus,  including opening-up without putting in place any of these basic measures.  It has resisted invoking the War-Time Powers Act and other public policy tools that would allow the government to mandate production of needed personal protective equipment (PPE) and testing devices .It has prioritized the allocation of limited PPE resources to mostly red states. It has stoked a false dichotomy between opening up and staying at home when it’s possible to sensibly do both.

President Trump sees the coronavirus as a threat to his re-election. But rather than tell the American people the truth about  the virus, and  take aggressive action at the national level to contain its spread, he continues to downplay its seriousness. His Republicans colleagues have gone along and seem to be using the virus as a means of voter suppression, witness  the small number of polling stations available in recent state primary elections in red states.

Trump’s failure to lead during this pandemic, and his willingness to politicize the virus, is resulting in a growing national tragedy. So many lives could have been saved, jobs preserved and spirits lifted had the President provided us with much needed national leadership.  Sadly the virus cases continue to rise in large parts of the country.  Trump’s politicization of the pandemic needs to stop.

USRESIST NEWS Endorses Joe Biden for President

In this, the most important Presidential election in the history of our country, USRESIST NEWS is pleased to endorse Joe Biden for President. We are confident that Biden’s experience and strong character will enable him to defeat President Trump in the November Presidential election.

Joe Biden is the winner of the vast majority of state democratic primaries held thus far. He has amassed 1,507 democratic convention delegates, compared to his closest rival Bernie Sanders who has 984. Biden has received  63.3% of all primary votes cast (286,065). Sanders has received 16.5 % (74,755)

Biden has held senior US government policy-maker positions since 1972. He served as US Senator from the state of Delaware and was re-elected 6 times. He also served as United States Vice-President in the administration of President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017.

Over the course of his career Biden has played key roles in the development and implementation of legislation that addresses the key public policy domains covered by USRRESIST News, including civil rights, gender equity, health, education, the environment, gun control, immigration, and foreign policy.

He has extensive experience dealing with the two most pressing problems currently facing the United States: a global pandemic (Biden led the Obama administration’s efforts to combat Ebola virus), and an economic recession/depression (Biden helped lead economic recovery efforts that brought us back from the financial crisis of 2008).

Joe Biden also is a man of character known for his honesty, integrity, and compassion. Because he has been through so many personal hardships (the loss of his first wife and young child and later an older son), he has developed an ability to empathize with American going through hardship and loss as so many now are.

Recently there has been an unproven allegation that Biden, 28 years ago, sexually assaulted a Congressional staffer named Tara Reade. Biden has denied doing this, and continually responds to questions about the incident. He has said that he believes in the right of women to express themselves about such incidents and their right to a full investigation into what has been alleged. This response indicates Biden takes such allegations seriously and addresses them in a forthright manner. President Trump on the other hand has cursorily dismissed the more than 12 allegations of sexual assault and rape that have been lodged against him.

Supporting Joe Biden is the right thing to do at this time. The other major democratic candidates for President have endorsed Biden. They sense, as do we, that there is a need for democrats to close ranks in this election. For the past four years President Trump has conducted an assault on our democratic institutions and the rule of law. He has debased the role of president and divided our country at a time when we need to be united.

Joe Biden has the ability to unite America. He can appeal to disaffected voters in mid-America swing states, liberal and moderate elements in the Democratic party, and key elements of the Democratic base, such as African Americans and women. This ability to connect with the different Democratic party constituencies  suggests that large numbers of voters will turn out in support of him on election day. A large turnout will help ensure that the Democrats capture the White House, as well as Capitol Hill.

Go Joe go! We’re behind you.


President Trump’s handling or mishandling of the Covid-19 crisis calls into question the ability of the United States to take a much-needed leadership stance to address the threat that the Covid-19 virus poses to the health and well-being of our citizens. Instead of bringing everyone together Trump refuses to put forward a national strategy and continues to sow confusion and discord among states and other stakeholder organizations that should be part of the same team. There are numerous examples of this behavior including:

-Encouraging states to do their own thing in re-opening the economy; some states are re-opening; some states are not. When this happens it puts those states who think it is wise to stay locked down for a period in danger of having their citizens at-risk of infection from people  traveling to their  states from  states that have opened up  (to say nothing about the risks to citizens living in  opened-up states ).

-Allowing states to compete with one another for personal protective equipment (PPE), and in some cases inserting the federal government as a PPE buying competitor to the states; instead of having the federal government coordinate the purchase and fair distribution of PPE according to the needs of different states

-The unwillingness of the federal government to use the Defense Production Act to answer requests from the states to procure needed PPE, ventilators, and other needed medical equipment.

So at a time when a unified approach involving cities, states, the private sector and others is called for the Trump administration has not provided the leadership needed to make this happen. And he has replicated this absentee-landlord position internationally where collaboration also is greatly needed to defeat the virus. Blaming China for the pandemic and withdrawing funds to the World Health Organization are examples of the isolationist approach that Trump is taking.

President Trump’s unwillingness to assume responsibility for addressing the Covid 19 crisis raises historical arguments relating to America’s federal system of government.  These arguments revolve around the roles of the federal government and that of the states. State rights advocates support an important and well-reasoned point of view that the decentralization of authority is the best way to respond to the diversity of local needs in our country. However, in times when we face a national emergency (e.g. World War 2, the great depression, 9/11) our nation has relied on the federal government to unite us, support us lead us out of crisis

Great leaders of the past have presented a fact-based and consistent leadership message. It’s time to stop tweeting, blaming and placing the Trump ego ahead of a global policy approach to countering the pandemic and preparing for the next global shock.All in this together is the rallying cry from citizens around the world faced with fighting the coronavirus. But not by those in the White House.

Photo by Bruce Hong


By Ron Israel
Managing Editor

March 18,2020

We have worried that there would be a 3rd world war since the end of the 2nd World War in 1945. Pundits speculated that the 3rd world war would come from an escalation of an existing great power confrontation, like the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, or by the gradual global expansion of a regional conflict like the Korean or Vietnam wars; or through the unauthorized use of nuclear weapons by rogue states and non-state actors. But although none of these predictions has materialized we find ourselves today at the onset of World War III caused by a microbe—the corona virus.

From its origins in the Wuhan province of China in  December 2019 the virus has spread with deadly effect to 150 countries around the world. It has no geographical preference for whom it affects, and all who are in its path become its victims. Sadly as of yet the global community has  failed to come together and marshal the forces needed to defeat this enemy. Each country seems to be struggling on its own to do what it can to protect its own people.

The victors in World Wars I and II were the allied forces— countries who came together united by the presence of a common foe who challenged their mores and threatened their freedom. They shared armies and intelligence, coordinated battle plans, and helped out members of their communities who were hard hit by the conflict.

A winning response to World War III needs to have such an alliance on a global scale. Sure each country needs to adapt its own measures to help  safeguard its citizens, including travel bans for people from other countries. But countries also need  act on a global scale in order to win this war. The planet needs  a World War III Global Pandemic Alliance to combat the spread of Covid-19. The alliance should be open to all countries provided  they commit to the transparent  sharing  of all information  about the status of the virus in their countries, and to joining in collaborative efforts to combat the virus.. The battle plan for the alliance would include:

-The exchange of data and information about the virus and its spread.

-Joint scientific research focused on critical tasks such as vaccine development

-The setting of operational standards for important operations such as testing and risk status.

-The establishment of a global fund for poor countries affected by the virus  who may lack the funds to pay for its treatment.

-The exchange of information and technology related to approaches that work in combatting the virus.

-The monitoring of the incidents of the virus in each country, the morbidity and mortality rates, and a periodic assessment of the status of risk in all countries.

The  Global Pandemic Alliance will need leadership. It can come from national leaders with  global perspectives, leading scientists, business leaders and leaders from the philanthropic and  NGO community. The World Health Organization is one possible convening organization  for the Alliance but there may be others. We need  the  organizations and people with the ability  to bring the world together to fight and win World War III to step forward.


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