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A Tale of Two Conventions

August 31, 2020 The 2020 Democratic National Convention was anything but conventional.  A virtual roll call of democratic leaders from around the nation took the place of a packed and boisterous convention hall, and democrats around the nation got a chance to see and...

Mail Voting is Essential Despite Hurdles

August 19 , 2020 More Americans than ever are eligible to receive a ballot to vote by mail this November, significantly changing the presidential election process in a short time span. Despite President Trump’s objections towards the integrity of mail-in...

Trump Sinks in the Polls Amid Unrest

By Iryna Shkurhan June 10,2020 Last Tuesday, several states held their primaries with open polls while protests against police brutality and racial injustice took the nation by storm in all fifty states. Amidst the civic unrest, President Trump’s poll numbers...

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