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National Immigration Law Center

National Immigration Law Center

The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) is one of the leading organizations exclusively dedicated to defending and championing the rights of immigrants with low income in the US. Since the organization’s establishment in 1979, the NILC has worked to advance policies and individual cases that affect low-income immigrants in the US.

The NILC have addressed these goals through a three-fold agenda that has worked to help low-income immigrants thrive and prosper in the US. First, the NILC has engaged in lawsuits and challenged government regulations that run in opposition to its principles. Often working with other civil rights organizations, the NILC has stopped many attempts to regulate immigration in a manner that constitutes racial profiling. Second, the NILC provides fact sheets and briefing papers to education decision-makers. The analysis has informed legislation that has aided immigrants’ access to health-care, workers’ rights and legal status. Third, the NILC has played an increasingly important role in presenting a national message on the importance of immigration and to allay opposition to legal immigration.

Combining the advancement of their message with their legal and policy-driven activities, the NILC work across the board to help push forward a narrative and a solution to aid low-income immigrants.

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