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World Peace Council

World Peace Council

The World Peace Council (WPC) is an independent, international mass action organization focused on disarmament, global security and the right for a nation to govern itself with its best interests at heart. Having been established in 1949, The WPC has become the largest international peace structure, based in more than 100 countries.

In addition to the issues at the core of the organization’s mission statement, WPC champions the territorial integrity of each state and the non-interference in international affairs of any respective nation. THE WPC has also worked to eliminate racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination that infringe on the peaceful status of a nation.

In the past, The WPC supported the Vietnamese against the Americans during the Vietnam War, challenged US government attempts to overthrow Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and, more recently, have organized anti-NATO protests in Lisbon (2010) and Chicago (2012) during respective summits.

In the last decade, WPC have ramped up their opposition to NATO and have condemned the continued international interference in the Syrian conflict. In addition, there has been a growing movement to challenge President Trump and other international leaders to disarm their nuclear weapons and reduce military presence and intervention abroad.

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