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Beyond The Bomb

Beyond The Bomb

Beyond the Bomb is a grass-roots movement working to free the world from nuclear violence. Established in 2016, the organization operates through a small group of staff that mobilize and facilitate opposition to nuclear proliferation.

Beyond the Bomb has a five-point approach to dismantling the current nuclear status quo around the world. First, through the support of legislation such as Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act, Beyond the Bomb presses for the removal of the absolute presidential power to initiate a nuclear attack. Second, by blocking the current investment in nuclear weapons and, third, pushing for a combined treaty by nuclear-armed countries to adopt a no-first-use approach, Beyond the Bomb is working to nullify the threat of nuclear weapons. In addition, through the increase of funds for cleaning up toxic waste from previous nuclear activity and the restoration of communities still suffering from the affects of nuclear activity, Beyond the Bomb believes that a comprehensive and powerful step can be made towards eradicating the presence of nuclear weapons.

In order to achieve their goals, Beyond the Bomb has applied pressure to members of congress and congressional candidates in the lead up to the upcoming elections. In addition, Beyond the Bomb has established chapters around the country to reinforce their message at the grassroots level and challenge the current role of nuclear weapons.

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