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Jobs with Justice

Jobs with Justice

A pre-eminent organization advocating for workers’ rights, Jobs with Justice has a multi-faceted approach to promote workers’ rights and champion an economy that works for everyone. In combining research and policy advocacy with a grassroots foundation, Jobs with Justice has contributed to real legislative changes while informing and educating the American public on issues of workers’ rights and the possible solutions to tackle them.

With a primary focus on collective bargaining rights, employment security and standard of living, Jobs with Justice brings together different voices in order to better workers’ rights across those different fields and incubate an economy that is not too top-heavy. Sustained by a core grassroots principle, Jobs with Justice also publishes research and engages in critical legislation to make changes. With a group of over 200,000 volunteers around the country, the organization has also cultivated a diverse and engaging support network striving for better working conditions.

Along with the broad push to improve workers’ rights, Jobs with Justice has also instituted specific campaigns in recent years, including “Caring Across Generations,” a national initiative to transform the healthcare system, “Change Walmart, Change the Economy” and “Debt-Free Future,” a push to find solutions for the growing student debt in America. With an ever-increasing divide in income inequality, Jobs with Justice’s continued initiative to combat the abuse of workers’ rights has become a focal political struggle.

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